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How can I rate suggested questions?

Users can rate questions suggested by other users from Menu > Question Factory > Rate Questions

Tap on “I like it!” when:
  • the question is grammatically and syntactically correct
  • the answer is correct and won’t change in the future
  • the right region was selected
  • the right language was chosen.
  • you liked the question.
If you didn’t like the question, tap on“I don’t like it” instead.
To report a question, tap on “It shouldn’t be approved” when;
  • the question is grammatically or syntactically wrong
  • the question or its answers are misspelled
  • you have seen this question in the game before
  • the question is offensive, spam or too specific
  • the correct answer will change in the future.
  • the question is written in the wrong language
  • the region or category is incorrect
If you want to pass on to the next question without rating the one you are in, tap on “Skip”.


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