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  • What are game modes?

    There are three type of game modes: Classic, Challenge and Rush. In a Classic game, you try to obtain the 6 c...

  • What is Trivia Rush?

    In this game mode you'll be able to earn coins by previously betting on a set amount. There are different leve...

  • What are gems for?

    Gems are used to activate the machines and collect cards to complete your Album. You can also use your cards t...

  • How can I earn gems?

    Gems can be obtained by filling the gem meter or on the Free Prizes Dashboard. The Gem meter is filled up wit...

  • Where is the gem meter located?

    You can see your gem meter progress each time you answer a question in a Classic game or after the last questi...

  • What is a card?

    Cards are collectible items you can get from machines to complete an album. Each of them comes with a specific...

  • Where can I find the machines?

    All machines are located in a place called the machine room. You can reach it by simply tapping Get more cards...

  • What are Standard and Special card machines?

    There are two types of machines in the game: standard and special. Standard machines are permanently in the g...

  • What are special series?

    Series that can be completed through Special machines or the VIP machine are called “special series”. These in...

  • What are standard series?

    The series that can be completed with standard machines are called standard series. These include: The Origina...
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