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Why was my question rejected?

The reasons can be several, but there are two main ones: Willy (the spinning wheel) disliked something in it or the users noticed that it can be improved.

Among other things, Willy detects repeated and nonsensical questions. It also rejects those questions that include 8 or more numbers in the question or any of the answers, for security reasons. Besides, it detects swear words and, since he doesn’t like them, he rejects the entire question. We know you wouldn’t send a question like that, but it’s always good to remind it: Trivia Crack is a game for the entire family and there could be kids reading. Be nice!

After Willy does the tedious work, the community can focus on what’s really important: deciding which questions are fun. The community might report questions for many reasons, which may be the second cause for their rejection: spelling or grammar mistakes; wrong category, region or answer; future changes; spam; offensive or too specific content.

The community is particularly demanding with grammar and the validity of the correct answer, so check the writing and grammar of your question before sending it. Moreover, make sure that the answer you choose as correct is properly indicated.

However, Willy does not wish for questions that were created with such effort to be wasted. Therefore, he suggests some tips to prevent their rejection:

  • Always check that the question is placed in the correct category.
  • Don’t forget that you can modify the region it belongs to: global questions must be about topics that any person around the world can understand.
  • Pay attention to the content that might “expire”: those questions that have a correct answer that may change in time (Which team won the latest World Cup?”). Try to avoid these types of questions or create them with a time reference (“Which team was the World Champion in 2018?”).

Keep in mind that the community likes fun, original and current questions. You can ask about viral news and fun facts, for they allow us to learn new things while we have fun. Willy also recommends suggesting questions of Science, Art and History because they are the categories with the least number of questions and they stand a better chance to enter the game.

And, if in spite of all this, your question still gets rejected, don’t worry! You have 7 days to improve it before it is completely deleted. Once you have made the pertinent corrections, the question will re-enter the approval circuit.

Thank you for your effort! It’s what makes this Community so great


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