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What are Standard and Special card machines?

There are two types of machines in the game: standard and special.

Standard machines are permanently in the game and are called Whimsical, Majestic and Gnarly. The gem cost of each machine varies depending on how rare the cards it contains are. You can see how many cards are left and how many gems each card costs in the lower left side of each machine.

Each machine contains a different assortment of Common, Aqua, Gold or Black type cards, which you can discover by tapping “?”.

With cards from these machines, you can complete the standard series in your album. Keep an eye for special machines to expand your collection.

Special machines are temporary and include Christmas, Olympics, and Halloween, among others. Special day machines appear with updates and stay active for a limited time. When the time is up, the machine will be deactivated. Users can reactivate the machine with coins. When a special machine’s time is up, it will be removed from the game and the cards you didn’t get will be transferred to the VIP machine.

If you don’t want to miss out on any of the Special machines, it’s important to enable Auto-Update for the application and follow the news from the main game-screen banner. Please, also bear in mind that Special day machines can be released at different dates for Android, iOS or Web.


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