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What are game modes?

There are three type of game modes: Classic, Challenge and Rush.

In a Classic game, you try to obtain the 6 characters before your opponent by answering crown questions correctly or by winning a classic game mini challenge.

You need to fill the crown bar by answering 3 questions correctly in order to get a crown question and get the chance to win a character for the different categories: Science (Al), Geography (Tito), Sport (Bonzo), Art (Tina), Entertainment (Pop) or History (Hector).

When you fill the crown bar, you will have two options: you can answer a question from a selected category to get that category’s character or you can challenge your opponent in order to take their character. Don’t forget that you have to risk one of your characters in order to take your opponent’s character.
In the Challenge mode all random players or your friends must answer the same 12 questions getting as many correct answers as fast as they can. The winner of the challenge will earn a number of coins that will depend on the number of players. Don’t forget that you can’t use the skip Power Up during a challenge.


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